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Arquitectos Anónimos ® is a Portuguese office based in Porto organizing an opened space stimulating the work by supplanting the individual genius, liberating its co-authorships from their identity, finding and founding a reinforced new one – daily. Primarily an overreaction in the contemporary context of the exaggerated weight of authorship “individuality”, AA is becoming more an antithesis to pseudonym or a fictional name as only way to expand its residents and associates even if temporary ones. AA practises the thesis that no longer, nobody owns his ideas exclusively. Due to its voluntary identity in partnership nature, AA is focused in lightweight teams associations, linking distinct skills answering to each demand of different size and source; preserving its original resilience AA expands the capabilities in collaboration with specialists in other disciplines from other bigger independent structures. This dynamic and no feared stretching nature feeds exploration in new territories to sustainable and reasonable approach in the problems, offering competitive and alternative answers in the stage of saturated market.

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